Electric Golf Carts

Auto Sound motors in Brockpory specializes in selling high quality recreational and street legal golf carts. We have a wide selection ranging in number of seats and sizes. Our main brands are Tomberlin, Bintelli, Epic, Vivid and Icon EV which are known for their reliability and durability. Our Tomberland brand even offers a lithium battery!

If you’re in the Rochester or Brockport, New York area and searching for a golf cart give us a call or stop down to our Brockport store.

We also carry many accessories in customization options to personalize your golf cart. Just let us know what you’re looking for and how we can help.

If you have any questions or like to schedule a test drive please give us a call at 585-325-5060 or just stop down.

Electric Vehicles and accessories

Looking for great EV (Electric Vehicle) options. On top of our full line of gasoline vehicles we also offer EVs for utility, transportation and fun!  Stop down or give us a call at 585-325-5060 to find out more.
We have recreational golf carts and street legal golf carts and accessories to outfit them.

Golf Carts

  • From 2-6 seats
  • Lifted golf carts
  • Recreational, utility & leisure use
  • Pricing for any budget
  • All electric
  • Street legal golf carts

Upgrades & Accessories

  • Lithium battery upgrades for older electric golf carts
  • Back up cameras
  • Golf cart mirrors
  • Golf cart graphics
  • Golf cart lighting
  • Here are a few of the brands we carry


    Quality golf carts

    Tomberlin focuses on safety, security, performance and styling. Their electric golf carts / PTVs are engineered without compromise.
    Their electric vehicles have great range and utilize smart electronic power systems.
    Give us a call or stop by to check one out today!

    Evolution Electric vehicles

    Quality golf carts

    Who is Evolution Electric Vehicles? Evolution was made through a visionary and improvement process, which encompasses some of the best designing, assembling, and materials in the EV business.


    Golf carts

    Great quality golf carts is what makes ICON® EV’s the best choice on a budget. If you’re looking for style and affordability, look no further.

    Gas vs. electric golf cart power: a comparison
    The selection between gas and electric power is one of the first ones you’ll need to make if you’re in the market for a golf cart. Both versions will get you across the green, but one might fit your style or budget more than the other, so you’ll need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each to make an educated choice.

    But what if this is your first time purchasing a golf cart? How can you tell which features are more advantageous or affordable? What qualities—power, performance, and precision—should you seek for?

    How in all actuality do golf carts work?
    Internal combustion golf carts run on ignition motors. These motors are generally four-stroke, yet more seasoned models could utilize two-stroke all things being equal. They’re powered with normal gas like any vehicle or cart.

    Electric golf carts run on battery cells. The greater part of them are 36-volt or 48-volt. The batteries should be consistently re-energized to push the cart along.

    Cost distinction among electric and gas golf carts
    It’s challenging to give a cost range for golf carts since there are such countless variables that go into their expense, yet talking for the most part, utilized internal combustion carts are more costly than electric ones.

    Electric carts can be less expensive especially when relying upon the the batteries.

    Contamination from golf carts
    Internal combustion golf carts run on conventional fuel and produce carbon monoxide emanations. They really do have a “gas smell” particularly in restricted region like a carport or shed. A ton of the fresher gas models improve at of directing fumes and limiting the gas smell.

    Electric golf carts produce no exhaust or emanations. They run on battery-powered batteries that don’t hurt the general climate. They’re the “green” choice for purchasers. With regards to eco-kind disposition, electric golf carts have a reasonable edge over gas ones.

    Electric golf carts are quick and make almost no noise on the green, so they’re an alluring choice for golfers.

    Internal combustion golf carts are moderately noisy. Internal combustion golf carts need things like oil changes and new parts.

    Electric golf carts require charging. Golf carts should be charged after each and every use. You should get 4-5 years out of the batteries (This varies by manufacturer).

    With the acquisition of any golf cart, it means quite a bit to take a gander at their highlights and works to guarantee that you’re pursuing the ideal decision. What number of travelers can sit serenely? How much extra room do you have for your clubs? Does the cart’s stylish match your character?

    To purchase a golf cart here in Rochester NY contact Auto Sound Systems Inc. We can help you make the best selection.

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