A little bit of history…

In 1971 I was only 21 years old. I was newly married and an unemployed construction worker. I had only worked for another car audio company part time and not for very long, but I enjoyed it. So with the little knowledge I had gained, no experience in owning a business, and the little money I had in savings I opened Sound Systems. My mission from the beginning was to institute the highest standards and quality for all stereo installs. In 1976, after only 5 years I had done well enough to buy the property I had previously been renting. Now that the space was mine, I expanded. I added two bays and a much larger showroom to accommodate the exploding car audio service we were offering. We expanded once again in 1995 as we continued to grow the business. We are now co-managed by my son Rick. Rick started working here in his teens before he could even drive. He has proven himself in the car audio field time and time again. Rick has my eye for detail, my attention to quality and a work ethic that rivals my own.

Audio technology of the Seventies was so long ago. Cars only had AM radios and one front dash speaker . FM radio was just starting to show up. We opened up to sell and install under dash 8 track stereo tape players and speakers. The sound was great compared to AM and for the first time you could play only the music you wanted to hear. However, the vehicles being driven today are, essentially, computers with a cars built around them. So it’s even more important than ever to do our best work. Quality installation above all is what we build our success on. That alone has kept us going all this time. We also developed a wholesale division for servicing area car dealers. We sold and installed sound equipment, cruise control, air conditioning, sunroofs, window tinting, and appearance products. As well as making a name for ourselves in communications products.


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We’ve kept up with automotive technology through the years!

Today’s Auto Sound Systems is very different only in the products we carry and the technology we install. You’ll find that we have never lost our way in upholding our original philosophy from 1971. We’ve kept up with the trends and we’ve kept up with our standards. You can trust us with your vehicle. Your service with us is just as safe as it was 47 years ago.

From 8 tracks to touch screens, from VHS to DVD systems. We’ve seen and installed it all. We can cover all of your car audio, visual and security needs. Come see us today for the latest in automotive technology!

As car audio has progressed,
so have we!

Car Stereos through the years…

  • AM/FM under dash 8 track combo
  • High-Fi radios and speakers
  • Under dash powered equalizers with built in power amp
  • Cassette players
  • In dash cassette am/fm radios
  • Power amps, subwoofers and cross-overs
  • Passive in dash equalizers with cross-overs

Car Video Systems past and present…

  • VHS Vehicle Video Systems
  • DVD Vehicle Video Systems
  • Headrest monitors
  • Overhead monitors
  • Navigation DVD Video System

Car Safety and Security upgrades…

  • Car alarms
  • Remote starters
  • Car alarm/ remote starter combos
  • Vehicle ignition interlock system
  • Full service vehicle, NYS inspections


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