Why Drive When You Can Cruise?

We all know that cruise control comes in very handy on long trips. It can reduce driver fatigue and increase comfort on those long highway stretches. It can also be used to simply avoid exceeding the speed limit as well as increase your fuel efficiency. Just another addition we offer to customize your car to your liking. We can install cruise control to any vehicle to make your driving more comfortable. We will set you up with a custom cruise control system with a variety of options.

Enjoy the added comfort and convenience of a custom installed cruise control from Auto Sound.


Universal Cruise Control System

Set your speed at the touch of a button! The Universal Cruise Control System allows you to easily set the controls and avoid speeding. To slow down or accelerate, you don’t even have to touch the pedal. A variety of control switches are available for your car’s cruise control.

We offer multiple products to insure the safety your car while on and off the highway!


And offer Purchase options  FOR LEASE-TO-OWN WITH Progressive Leasing!!

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