DWI or DUI Requirements?

Well life happens and we all make mistakes. Auto Sound Systems Inc. is an authorized Smart Start dealer. If you have questions or the court has mandated you to have a smart start system, give us a call.

Regain your license with an ignition interlock
Intoxalock 4 color

What is an ignition interlock?

An ignition interlock device is a breathalyzer for your vehicle. It requires you to blow into the device before starting your car and helps you drive safely by not allowing your vehicle to start if you are under the influence of alcohol.

Ignition interlock devices allow you to continue driving legally after getting a DUI. Many states require ignition interlock devices, or car breathalyzers, as a way to regain your driving privileges after a DUI.

• No wait time over 0° F
• Meets or exceeds most state requirements
• Fuel cell technology ensures highest accuracy in the industry
• No false positives – Alcohol specific testing
• LED screen displays BrAC reading**
• Lockouts may be cleared remotely
• Meets toughest state requirements
• Camera provides driver photo verification
• Real-time reporting ensures your client stays in compliance with state laws when required
• Easy to use – no humming, one button activation
• Heat, cold and tamper resistant