Auto Sound Systems is family owned and operated!!!!

We strive to bring you innovative products and work on your budget.
Located in Rochester NY, Auto Sound Systems Inc. has been a local favorite for auto sound, car alarms, installations and more.We are constantly adding new products to fit your metro needs, aside from our main auto sound store we have a fully insured install shop.
In January 1971 I was 21 years of age, newly married, and an unemployed construction worker. With my life savings of $1,000 in hand, I rented 690 East Main Street. The building had one bay and measured only 13 feet by 60 feet with a showroom of less than 400 square feet. Armed with minimal knowledge from working part time for two summers at a poorly run shop and with no business experience I opened up Sound Systems. My philosophy from day one was to institute the highest standards and quality for all of our installs. If it came back in I was going to make sure it was the equipment, not the install. To this day we go the extra mile to insure our customers receive the highest quality service.
The vehicles being driven today are, essentially, computers with a cars built around them. So it’s more important than ever to do quality work.
I would later rename Sound Systems to Auto Sound Systems Inc. in 1976 after buying the property and adding on 2 bays and a much larger showroom to accommodate the exploding car audio offerings. We expanded then again in 1995.
The Seventies in technology years is so long ago. Cars only had AM radios and one front dash speaker . FM radio was just starting to show up. We opened up to sell and install under dash 8 track stereo tape players and speakers. The sound improvement was amazing compared to AM mono. It was no contest. When you had this set up back then you were really cool. The sound was great compared to AM and for the first time you could play only the music you wanted to hear.

Little by little we added all the new products as they came out. People that didn’t buy 8 tracks could enhance their radio with a reverb and rear speakers.

  • A list of memorable and game changing new products
  • FM under dash 8 track combo
  • AM/FM in dash 8 track combo
  • Car Alarms
  • Remote Starters
  • Car Alarm Remote-start combo
  • High-Fi radios and speakers ( higher power units w/ coax speakers
  • Under dash powered equalizers with built in power amp.
  • Cassette players
  • In dash cassette am/fm radios
  • Power amps, subwoofers and Cross-over’s
  • Passive in dash equalizers W/cross-over’s
  • VHS Vehicle Video Systems
  • DVD Vehicle Video Systems
  • Headrest Video Systems
  • Overhead Video Systems
  • Navigation DVD Vehicle Video Systems
  • Vehicle Ignition Interlock Systems
  • Full service vehicle, NYS inspections

We also developed a wholesale division for servicing area car dealers. We sold and installed sound equipment, cruise control, air conditioning, sunroofs, window tinting, and appearance products.

We were Rochester Telephone’s first cellular selling agent and installer for the Rochester market.

Next we expanded in communications and became a paging reseller with customer base in the thousands. Also we opened up two satellite stores selling communications products, cellular and paging equipment.

We are now being co-managed with my son Rick. Rick started working here in his teens before he could even drive. He has proven himself in the technical arena over and over again. Rick has for sure inherited my fussy gene and it turns out he is even more critical than I am which is hard to believe. We sometimes inherit other shop installs either by them no longer being there or the customer has just given up on them. We are amazed every time on the difference of the quality of some shops work compared to our work. Quality installation above all is what we build our success on and that alone has kept us going all this time.

Today’s Auto Sound Systems is very different only in the products we carry and install but you’ll find out immediately that we haven’t ever lost our way or original philosophy since 1971. We are still a locally owned and operated family run store. While other stores either go out of business or constantly change owners you can be assured with trusting us with your vehicle and that your purchase with us is as safe with us today as it was in 1971.